April 27th, 2009

225 - Evil Laugh

6 Responses to “225 - Evil Laugh”

  1. Craig Says:

    There’s nothing surprising about this strip. All babies have an evil laugh.

  2. Maria Says:

    Yes, babies do have an evil laugh. I don’t know why but that scares me. Makes me think that all babies are plotting something.

  3. Fina Says:

    That is soooooooooo cute!

  4. JG Says:

    Wow, you learn something new every day. Despite having two kids, I did not realize that all babies have an evil laugh. I thought it was just mine. (But then, all parents think their children are unique…)

  5. koseklump Says:

    Love this strip :D
    so cute!

  6. Toderico Says:

    Cruuuuud! Forgot about this comic for so long! Sorry!

    I’ll just bookmark it right now *bookmarks*.